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The Morals

The Morals is a unique platform with new age technology to provide live online classes to children on 21st century skills (Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration), English Language(Phonics & Spelling Rules), Mathematics (Vedic & Mental Math) and Science through Experiments to understand the Science in better way and other new age skills like Social Emotional learning etc. The Morals is on a journey to revolutionize traditional learning through its virtual learning.


“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.”

We all are the products of education. As consumers of education, we went to school to higher education and ultimately to our work places. This journey is full of various realizations of ourselves and of our immediate surroundings at all stages. The Moral Minds Foundation is the product of the realization of The Morals team. We have realized that if the young in the society are properly channelized and prepared well in their formative stage, they can turn into great contributors for society and ultimately to the nation and humanity.We are tied up with various prestigious National and International bodies working in school education sphere. The Moral Minds Foundation is an umbrella term for various service offerings and seek to associate and tie up with like minded professionals and organizations to fulfill its mission.


Our Services

The Moral Minds Foundation is presently running The Morals Pre school and The Morals Online. The Morals preschool is situated at Vaishali Ghaziabad as a school for preschool children and is running since 2017. We are guided by our philosophy that if the right attitudes and behaviors are inculcated at an early stage in the children, that becomes a habit for the rest of their lives. The Morals Online is an effort to spread the mission of our organization to a larger section of society with the help of online technology. We are commited to spread our reach to  larger geographic and demographic area. Through The Morals Online, We are providing new age education to metro, non-metro, semi urban and rural populace.