Let us see the 4C’s in 21st century skills

COMMUNICATION Communication is very important in the early years of education, Communication development helps young children in gaining the skills to understand and helps them to express their thoughts and Feelings in front of others freely. Understanding communication begins before birth and continues throughout the life of an individual. Communication in front of students/children should be very effective, as it helps them to see, hear and interpret information from other people. Hence with the help of strong communication, a child can freely express his thoughts. Thus to develop communication in children certain activities are designed to enhance their hearing and talking skills.

CRITICAL THINKING It is very necessary to develop critical thinking in our children. As it helps them to unravel problems with different aspects. The best way to teach kids critical thinking is “to teach them how to solve problems by themselves”. In critical thinking we help children by: Helping them to solve their problems on their own. Seeing problems from different aspects e.g “ you can ask/challenge child to move an object from one side of the room to other without using their hands” so here many different aspects of critical thinking will come forward in their mind.

COLLABORATION Collaborative learning involves children learning in pairs or small groups with the help of different activities. It is a fun way for students to learn and interact with their peer groups. Collaborative learning in infancy also plays an enormous role in building the communication and social skills of children. It is a must needed aspect of today’s education as it teaches cooperation building relationships and emotional development in children.

CREATIVITY Creativity in children is major aspect by which teacher can learn and understand more about their children/students as creativity fosters mental growth in children. Creativity is one such boon which help teachers to learn more about what the child may be thinking or feeling. On the other hand it gives children new opportunities to try out new ideas and new way to think and solve problems. Therefore creativity of a child if manifested in right direction will give right approach in solving and knowing their aspects properly and will help in enhancing their skills also. So we see how important these 4’C s are as they not only provide and enhance skills in children but also brainstorm intelligence in them.